About Us

Welcome to mihaland! Here you will find all kinds of self-designed products of my original characters!
I am Miharin. I love drawing and all kinds of desserts. I love collecting varies kinds of stationery and Japanese character goods and I really enjoy using them on my diaries and planners. Recording my every day life by keeping planners and diaries makes me happy and relaxed. I love them so much that I have always wanted to create my own products. I want to share the joy of spending every day with my hobbies with people around the world. I hope our products can spread love and bring joy to you. That is why I started mihaland.
Here is the background story of mihaland♡
In the kingdom of mihaland, there is a rabbit named Miyu, Miyu the Rabbit  started her amazing journey to explore the world. On her journey, Miyu will meet her friends, Kame the Turtle, Cream the Bear and Choco the Bear. They will go on an adventure together.
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*Let’s enjoy every day through hobbies!*